[LON-CAPA-admin] FC5 httpd restart failed

Stefan Bisitz st.bisitz at fh-wolfenbuettel.de
Tue Aug 29 11:34:45 EDT 2006


we have problems after updating our second developement system (FC5):

- downloaded and installed LON-CAPA 2.2.0
- successfully started httpd and loncontrol
- loncapa is running successfully
- yum update
- installed Expect.pm (we need it :-) )
- restart httpd failed
- again "./UPDATE"
- restart httpd failed

Restarting the webserver fails. The apache error_log says:
---- start ----
/usr/sbin/httpd: symbol lookup error:
undefined symbol: InitializeMagick
---- end ----

We found another Magick.so on the system. Replacing the first one with
this one only brings other error messages.

Any idea?

Stefan Bisitz

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