[LON-CAPA-admin] problem with exam upload in DOCS

Guy Albertelli II guy at albertelli.com
Fri Sep 23 18:12:32 EDT 2005

Hi Mark,

> > I see that no one was too eager to jump on this one.  Good news.  It was 
> > fixed overnight by some magic or other unexplainable phenomenon.
> ... which hints that one of these temporary files that gets cleaned up by 
> gremlins in the wee hours of the morning may have somehow gotten 
> corrupted.
> Can someone give the 1 per line overview of these temporary files?

Sure I can try.

in /home/httpd/lonIDs

<username>_<time>_<domain>_<hostid>.id ->
     user session environment information

in /home/httpd/perl/tmp

<username>_<domain>_<cousename>.db -> 
     parsed version of all of the .sequence files
<username>_<domain>_<cousename>_parms.db -> 
     parameters defaults from the .sequences 
<username>_<domain>_<cousename>_symb.db -> 
     url -> symb mappings, last_known resource, last direction
     traveled etc.

      cache files used by the file import/serch/browse routines

1984_127_0_0_1_1.tmp -> tmp file used during the login process

<requested host hostid>_<pid>_<time>_<querynumber> ->
      results from <hostid> a search

problemanalysis_<courseid>_anaylsis_cache.db ->
     problem analysis cache information

<username>_<domain>_<time>_<pid><randnumber>_plot ->
     data files for dynamic plotted images

(addtionally, the IMS import engine process out of here in
subdirectories, and the ims_export does thing in tmp/ims_exports)

int /home/httpd/prtspool

<username>_<domain>_printout.dat ->
     list of images that need to be converted
<username>_<domain>_printout.due ->
     due date information for resource printing
(and of course the .tex/.ps/.pdf/.aux files and the temporarily
 generated images)

I think that is the mahority of the main ones.

> The id files under /home/httpd/lonIDs hold all of the session information 
> for a user login (things that only want to be parsed once) and are cleaned 
> up if a student exits properly.

Not quite, sesion info is more like course environemtn settings, user
envorment settins, roles info, things like that all parsed course info
is in the .db file in /home/httpd/perl/tmp

> There was some discussion of a file existing under a user's LON-CAPA
> directory? Could this have been the culprit?


BTW, for adveturous souls I have modified the user course state db
generation again to hoepfully get this from stop happening.


Full file:

guy at albertelli.com   0-7-2-1-27,137

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