[LON-CAPA-admin] Auto course creation

H. K. Ng ng at martech.fsu.edu
Mon Nov 28 15:28:23 EST 2005

Hi Guy,

> > I am testing an auto course creation script and everything works fine
> > except when it comes time for the course coordinator to access the
> > course. It complains that it cannot initialized the course. After the
> > initial course initialization, the following error message appears.
>Can you look in
>to see if there are any errors listed?

Nothing at that time period to indicate what may be wrong. However, 
when clicking on the [select] button, it runs the notfound.html file. 
And poking in the course directory, it doesn't have any 
default.sequence ... The test course is a clone of an existing course.

- hk 

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