[LON-CAPA-admin] studentID changes

Todd Ruskell truskell at mines.edu
Thu Nov 17 13:45:50 EST 2005

Try doing it as CC instead.

Two other thoughts:  
(1) Rather than doing it by hand, why not just re-upload the class list with 
the new IDs, but into the actual running class.  Just make sure to disable 
the ID check.  
(2) Why get carried away with changing the ID# in the running course in the 
first place?  The University appears to have provided you with some kind of 
mapping.  If you need the new IDs to do upload grades or something at the end 
of the semester, get the spreadsheet or CSV file output from LON-CAPA at that 
time, and do the mapping on the output at the end of the semester.  Just make 
sure that for any new classes you use the new IDs.


On Thursday 17 November 2005 11:19 am, Nathan Schoenack wrote:
> Hello,
> I e-mailed about this a while back and I thought everything worked
> OK, but I was mistaken.
> I need to change everyone's studentID to our new PeopleSoft ID
> regime.  I uploaded every student in the class into a temporary,
> dummy course so I could use the "overwrite student IDs" checkbox.  It
> worked in changing the studentID in that course, but when I go to the
> actual, functioning course, the IDs are all still their old IDs.
> Then I thought, I'd just bite the bullet and manually change their
> IDs myself as Domain Coordinator, but if I go to CUSR and enter the
> student's username, there is no StudentID blank to change.
> Is there some other way I can change student IDs?
> Nathan Schoenack
> IT Research Support Specialist
> NDSU Physics
> (701) 231-7047
> nathan.schoenack at ndsu.edu
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