[LON-CAPA-admin] Certificates, MAC Addr?

Guy Albertelli II guy at albertelli.com
Wed Nov 16 11:38:46 EST 2005

Hi Mark,

> In my flailing around to solve a kerberos problem (I think it has been 
> isolated to a misbehaving DNS server), I swapped disks into different 
> chasses. I had to acknowledge a new container, but all else seemed fine.
> I have now realized that the system is complaining (though supposedly not 
> such that it is not functioning) that the MAC address of the interface is 
> different.
> oucapa2 has a new MAC address, Fedora Core 3, and hasn't said boo about 
> this.
> oucapa8 has a new MAC address, Fedora Core 4, and complains on network 
> restart that the MAC address has changed, though it will ignore that. The 
> stop portion of the restart 'fails'. oucapa8 talks okay to capa2, so the 
> network is nominally up.
> Is there anything LON-CAPA related that could be having problems? 

Well lon-capa heavily depends on a functioning network, but it is
several black boxes away from caring about what the MAC address is.

We use Perl's IO::Socket functionality to talk to a linux socket which
talks the the TCP layer which talks to the IP layer which talks to the
Ethernet layer (which is the layer that cares about MAC addresses).

So yes if the Ethernet layer is flaky, lon-capa will be affected. But
the specifics of the MAC address isn't something that lon-capa
specifically cares about.

> oucapa8 
> is not communicating with msul1 very well. (either issues with MAC address 
> and certificates or some form of check on the network with msul1 that 
> would complain about a machine with a bad MAC address.)

MAC address don't penetrate very far, usually only to the first switch
or bridge. So msul1 couldn't care lees what your MAC address is.

Looks to me like last nights 5 am 'hey who can I talk to' loncron run
on s10 succeeded in talking to oucapa8, but oucapa8 has not
successfully contacted s10 for quite a while.

So inbound to oucapa8 looks fine, but outbound seems to not be.

Can you take a looks for errors in lonc_errors or lonc.log for oucapa8
and attempting to talk to s10?

guy at albertelli.com   0-7-2-0-27,137

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