[LON-CAPA-admin] Spreadsheet Woes and questions

Todd Ruskell truskell at mines.edu
Tue Nov 1 15:32:49 EST 2005

First, in general thanks bunch for the speedier spreadsheets.  A marked
improvement that was met with much rejoicing.  

Now to the woes:
As Guy and Gerd can attest, last Friday I upgraded my 2.0.2 servers with 
Spreadsheet.pm 1.57 and assesscalc.pm 1.51 as suggested in
Spreadsheet 1.57 had a bug, so I have now updated to Spreadsheet.pm 1.58. 
Stopped and Started loncontrol and httpd.

But now I have some serious spreadsheet issues on both access and my library 
servers. *Most* of the time (but not quite all) as CC when looking at a 
student spreadsheet, none of the values from the resource spreadsheet seem to 
get passed up to the student spreadsheet.  If I click on a particular 
resource spreadsheet, and then go back to the student sheet, the values from 
that particular assessment appear, but not the others.  I have reports that 
the same thing happens for students when they try to view the "Detailed 
Spreadsheet" from GRDS.  The same thing happens when I try to view grades as 
calculated on s1.lite.msu.edu.

To try and narrow it down, I attempted to revert back to "pure" 2.0.2 by 
running the .UPDATE script in the appropriate directory, but only on the library
server.  Also stopped and started loncontrol and httpd.  Things now seem to
"mostly" work on the library, but I still occasionally get one or two students
whose assessment spreadsheets don't come forward properly.  but this is
sporadic.  I don't remember seeing this problem with a pure 2.0.2 before, but
that doesn't mean it wasn't there <g>.

So three questions: (1) Do other people see these issues with the spreadsheet/is
this a known bug?  (2) Is there a work-around? and (3) Did I do the "right
thing" to get back to a pure 2.0.2 distribution, or did I need to do something



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