[LON-CAPA-admin] scantron testing

Guy Albertelli II guy at albertelli.com
Mon Jun 20 17:26:28 EDT 2005

Hi Nathan,

> There's another layer of confusion at work...there's the raw file  
> that is produced by the scanning office (5s501.DAT). 

That's the one you want.

> Then, the  
> scanning office here runs the script s5i100.sas to produce the file  
> 5s.501.  (The "501" is a designation of the job number).  Does MSU do  
> that as well, running a script to create a different output file than  
> the one that comes out of the scanner?

Not for lon-capa.

You will need to be using lon-capa 2.0 for this style of data file to
work. (Since your file is a 'number' style file (if they buble A the
file has a 1 etc..) You could morph this file into the 'positional'
style msu uses right now (the print out a character for each possible
bubble location, this allowed for us to accept answers where multiple
bubbles per line was legal, This was tru in the CAPA days but not in

The CODE is used when you want to hand out randomized exams with no
names on them.

the scantronformat.tab file is:
#name:description:code location:CODEstart:CODElength:IDstart:IDlength:Qstart:Qlength:Qoff:Qon:PaperID:PaperIDlength:FirstName:FirstNamelength:LastName:LastNamelength

name          - name of this format
description   - description of this format
code location - 0 (no code), or -1 (CODE in seperate location)
CODE start    - column number that the CODE starts in
CODE length   - number of characters in the CODE (must be 6 currently)
IDstart       - column number that the Student id starts in
IDlength      - number of character long the ID field is
Qstart        - column that the questions data starts in
Qlength       - number of characters that a question takes up (would be
                 1 in your case)
Qoff          - what character designates that a question is
                unanswered would be a space in your case
Qon           - what designates that a question is answered this
                would be 'number' in your case
PaperID       - MS print a uniq number on each answeer sheet as it
                 gets read, this would specify where in the record 
                 the paperid is specified (can be left blank)
PaperIDlength - length of the paperID filed (can be left blank)
FirstName     - column to find the firstname in
FirstNamelength - length of the firstname files
LastName      - column to find the last name in
LastNameLength- length of the lastname field

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