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Nathan Schoenack nathan.schoenack at ndsu.edu
Mon Jun 20 15:52:58 EDT 2005

To be honest (normally I'm full of deceit), I'm not entirely  
confident that I can figure it out; I thought I'd do what I've  
described because it makes sense to me and I'm sure I could get it to  
work.  I've looked at the format of the files that are produced by  
our scanning office, looked at the format of the file Stuart made  
available (http://www.msu.edu/~raeburn/scantron/decscoresfinal.txt)  
and the scantronformat.tab file, and I feel there's something I'm  
just not understanding.  I'd like to do it (fully randomized,  
individualized tests), but I don't think I can figure it out on my  
own.  If anyone wants to help me, I'm all ears.


On Jun 20, 2005, at 2:24 PM, Guy Albertelli II wrote:

> Hi Nathan,
>> Thanks, Gerd.  We use NCS as well.  After talking to our professors
>> that wish to implement 'some' form of randomized testing, it appears
>> we'll be using randomized tests, but not a different randomization
>> for everyone; instead, we will generate 5-10 tests and then prepare
>> keys for each version, letting the scanning office grade them.  It
>> will still be necessary to get the NCS form that you've scanned so we
>> can still use the A-J based "code" to differentiate the different
>> test versions.
> Is there any reason you don't want Lon-CAPA to the grading?
> (Lon-CAPA works well with printing out a few versionsand passing those
> out, it doesn't require that students each get a unique exam.)
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