[LON-CAPA-admin] changing time limit problems?

Peter Kovac kovac at gwu.edu
Mon Jan 17 12:09:56 EST 2005


    In prep for the start of this semester, one of our prof's was trying 
to set up some timed problems (e.g., 30 minutes to solve a problem 
set).  Apparently he was unable to change some of them from their 
default (3 months+) to the desired value (30 minutes) directly.  His 

> The time limit for the WarmUps is supposed to be
> 30 minutes.  Some of the WarmUps were set to this, but many were set to
> something like 3 months, x hours, y minutes.  If I tried to change it
> directly to 30 minutes, it would not budge.  I had to set it to 1 day
> and 30 minutes and then delete the 1 day. 

	The guy is fairly new to L-C so it could well be a PEBCAK but the error seems strange.  I haven't reproduced it and haven't seem him yet to get more details but... anyone seem something like this before?  Obvious answers/solutions?


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