[LON-CAPA-admin] Access Server Problems

Todd Ruskell truskell at Mines.EDU
Tue Apr 12 17:12:15 EDT 2005


You were essentially correct.  I didn't look hard enough.

I got the warning about /etc/hosts, and fixed it, and manually put the correct 
entry into hosts.tab, but I *didn't* delete the entry that UPDATE placed at 
the end of the file.

Thanks, Guy.  It now appears to work.  Onward to find my next problem . . .


On Tuesday 12 April 2005 02:45 pm, Guy Albertelli II wrote:
> Hi Todd,
> > I get "This LON-CAPA server is temporarily not available for login"
> This means the server is incapable of talking to itself.
> > Tue Apr 12 13:35:33 2005 (3730): <font color="red"> LocalConnection
>   rejecting  non local: ph-tmp3.mines.edu ne ph-tmp3 </font>
> Taking a look at the code I am going to guess that the hosts.tab file
> on the machine looks like
> csml1:csm:library:ph-tmp3:
> Rather than
> csml1:csm:library:ph-tmp3.mines.edu:
> I am going to guess that this happened because your /etc/hosts file is
> screwy
> is should look something like
>               localhost.localdomain localhost
>            s1.lite.msu.edu s1
> (The WARNINGS file from the install likely has an error message in
> there.)

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