[LON-CAPA-admin] port 40914

Guy Albertelli II guy at albertelli.com
Wed Sep 29 15:03:23 EDT 2004

Hi Lars,

> > To my knowledge, Port 40914 is not currently in use by LON-CAPA.
> Well, I had to set my firewall to trust my lon-capa server before I
> could access it from the client. The reason has to do with the
> lon-capa server trying to negotiate ports in the neighborhood of 41000.

Lon-capa doesn't try to connect to your client computer ever.

When your browser is told to go to the Lon-CAPA website it picks a
port on your computer to receive data on, and then connects to port 80
on the loncapa server.

Receiveing ports are generally rather high numbers, 41000 sounds

So this isn't something that is Lon-CAPA related.

> > > What ports are lon-capa machines/applications using?

Lon-CAPA, as pointed out by others need to be able to accept
connections on 80,5663,8080

> > > What ports must client firewalls allow traffic through?

We never try to connect to the client computer, so no incoming ports
need to be open.

But the webbrowser is going to connect to us, so you will need to
allow outgoing connections on whatever ports the browser is using.

> > > What ports must lon-capa server firewalls allow traffic through?


> > > Could this create obstacles for students trying to access a loncapa
> > > server?

I have not yet heard of this affecting any students here. We had some
issues with the release of WinXP SP2, as there are some conflicts if
you try to run the SP2 firwall and the ZoneAlarm firwall at the same

Outside of that we haven't heard of any problem with students and
their firewalls.

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