[LON-CAPA-admin] Fwd: LON-CAPA problem at Chiles HS

H. K. Ng ng at martech.fsu.edu
Fri Sep 3 11:44:54 EDT 2004

Any clue what is happening? - hk

>Chris Harvey has just reported to me that he is having a rather serious 
>problem with logging in students at Chiles High. When the students log on 
>using their username and password they are all being logged on as Chris 
>with his user roles and privileges.
>This problem has not been reported to me by any other teacher.
>Scott Dinho

Our tech person at Chiles said that sometimes the same IP will be sent
out for all machines at the school and sometimes not.  I hope students
will be able to login at home and not have a problem, but I won't know
until next week.  Hopefully if a student logs on and gets my
information, they won't fool around with anything.

If I set up something incorrectly, let me know.



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