[LON-CAPA-admin] CHECKRPMs for fedora

Guy Albertelli II guy at albertelli.com
Mon Jun 7 12:55:44 EDT 2004

Hi Nathan,

> I'm having trouble getting CHECKRPMS to work on my fedora boxes. 

Fedora comes with a fairly nice automated updating program called

We will most likely stop CHECKRPMS from running on Fedora boxes and
recommend people start using yum.

You do need to be careful to not update mod_pelr to mod_perl-1.99.X
and to not install the httpd-2.X RPMS as Lon-CAPA can't use either one
right now.

(mod_perl 2 last time I tried to get it to work was to buggy to be

guy at albertelli.com  LON-CAPA Developer  0-7-4-3-

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