[LON-CAPA-admin] Insecure dependency error when trying to create Authors

Guy Albertelli II guy at albertelli.com
Thu Jul 29 14:11:17 EDT 2004

Hi Lindsay,

> It seems to be creating the Users in Linux, but when I try to login
> with the account, authentication fails.

Arrgh, yep this is borken for 'Filesystem-authenticated users'

It seems to do everything except set the password on the user and
modify the permissions on the index.html it creates.

A couple of possible workarounds for now:

1) don't create 'Filesystem-autheticated Users' for now, rather do
'Internally Authenticated users', they will be able to do everything
in Lon-CAPA. (They just won't also be able to login to the machine
with ssh, etc.)

2) after creating the user using Lon-CAPA's interface
    a) login is root to the machine and set the password for the
        account using passwd
        # passwd mynewaccount

    b) change the ownership of thefiles in the users public_html

        # chown mynewaccount:www /home/mynewaccount/public_html/*

Both of these workarounds will create fully working author accounts
for now.

I have filed this as a bug against Lon-CAPA here:

Hopefully I'll get it fixed today or tommorrow.

Sorry about this.
guy at albertelli.com  LON-CAPA Developer  0-7-3-9-

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