[LON-CAPA-admin] Server hung

H. K. Ng ng at martech.fsu.edu
Wed Feb 18 12:48:14 EST 2004

At 12:26 PM 2/18/04 -0500, you wrote:
>At USC we have had the same symptoms.  We originally thought it was a 
>hardware issue and replaced a harddrive and controller card because we saw 
>I/O errors.  We still get this problem from time to time and the only way 
>to correct it is to power the computer down and backup again. Now our logs 
>show nothing but it will still hang.  Today the machine hung and would not 
>display the webpage.  When I tried to look at the processes running it 
>would hang on the request.

I got the same problem the first time it hung this morning. I was connected 
to the server via ssh and when I did a su so that I can look at the logs or 
processes, it hang after I typed the su password. Once before, it also hang 
when I am directly connected to the server. So far I don't see anything 
that seems obvious. -hk

>Richard Hoskins
>H. K. Ng wrote:
>>This morning my main server hung up twice within 1 hr. By hung I meant, 
>>the students could not even get to the main login page. Also, I cannot 
>>ssh it. Any suggestions where I should look for clues as to why it hung?
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