[LON-CAPA-admin] Server hung

Nathan Schoenack nathan.schoenack at ndsu.nodak.edu
Wed Feb 18 10:57:23 EST 2004

I'm not able to really decipher the log files, but if you check in the
/var/log directory, there's dmesg and messages that can maybe give you some
clues.  I'd say hunt through those files for a start.  dmesg will show
messages from the boot sequence.

I don't think this would hang your system, but if your hard drive is full,
your server won't allow any logins.  The login page should still display,
though.  I went through that a while ago.  Do a 'df' from the / directory to
see your hard drive usage.

That's about all I know...I leave the rest to the professionals.


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This morning my main server hung up twice within 1 hr. By hung I meant, the
students could not even get to the main login page. Also, I cannot ssh it.
Any suggestions where I should look for clues as to why it hung?


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