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Gerd Kortemeyer korte at lite.msu.edu
Wed Aug 25 20:33:04 EDT 2004


I finally had some time to actually look at the screen, and I was  
wrong: left side is new course, but right side is CLONED course. On the  
left side it says:

"Do NOT generate as standard course (only check if you know what you  
are doing):"

where the "only check if you know what you are doing" means what it  
says - this (and not anything on the right side) would create a new  
old-style course without Main DOCS.

So now I suspect that what happened is that an old-style course was  
cloned, and as a result, a new old-style course was generated.

A nice option would be cloning with mutation (any biologist reading  
this? ... uh oh): Clone an old old-style course into a new new-style  

- Gerd.

On Aug 25, 2004, at 3:48 PM, Lars Jensen wrote:

> Hi Guy,
> Thanks for the explanation. I agree with removing the option to create  
> old courses asap.
> Lars.
> Guy Albertelli II wrote:
>> Hi Lars,
>>> Well our earlier discussion suggests that a docs course and a  
>>> sequence course can be changed into one another:
>>> http://mail.lon-capa.org/pipermail/lon-capa-users/2004-May/ 
>>> 001102.html
>>> I guess this is not true?
>> More like it is a simplification of how things work.
>> The thing to know is to never create an old style course.
>> And in fact I think I may actually remove this option from 1.3
>> Some more details were here:
>> http://mail.lon-capa.org/pipermail/lon-capa-users/2004-May/001112.html
>> What gerd was trying to say with his 2 line email:
>> 1) Always create a new style course
>> 2) If you want to export a course in a way that you can reuse it like
>>     an old style course, export it, publish it. And in the course you
>>     want to include it in just include that one sequnce in the class
>> 3) If you want to include and old style course in a new style with new
>>    style control of the content, don't include the sequence but rather
>>    do a "Load Map" on the sequence (although it deosn't create folders
>>    from sub sequences... Hrrm maybe a "Recursive Load Map" should be
>>    an option)
>> If you _really_ want to convert a course from new style to oldstyle or
>> vice versa here are the ugly details I alluded to:
>> The course parm, 'top level sequence' control whether a course is new
>> style or old style.
>> In old style, the 'top level sequence' will be a /res/
>> (i.e. published) sequence.
>> When this is the case, DOCS can't muck with this sequence and so the
>> "Main Course Documents" sections is hidden.
>> If instead the 'top level sequence' is a /uploaded/ (i.e. 'userfile'/
>> unpublished and unshareable style resource)
>> Then DOCS can muck with it and allows you to do this.
>> * You can severally screw things up by not being perfect with the      
>> *
>> * instructions below, if you break you it you get to keep both halves  
>> *
>> To convert a course from new style to old style, change the course
>> parm 'top level sequence' to the sequence you want.
>> To convert a course from old style to new style, change the course
>> parm 'top level sequence' to  
>> /uploaded/<domain>/<courseid>/default.sequence
>> where <domain> is the domain that the course belongs to and <courseid>
>> is the internal course name, you can most easily get this info from
>> the Syllabus link on the roles page it will be the segment of the url
>> right before syllabus.
>> But then again that really is probably more information then one
>> really needed.
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