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We need more information - how are the students viewing their scores - with
quickgrades or spreadsheet?  How are you (as ta) viewing the scores, with
chart or spreadsheet?


>     Hello,
>     I've got some strange behavior for three problems in one of our courses.
> In a particular chapter there are 19 possible points.  However, when
> students check their grades, it lists their score as 16/16.  I can verify
> that they successfully answered the three questions that are being excluded
> from the chapter score.  In addition, as Teaching Assistant their score is
> listed as 16/19.
>     Two of the questions are essay response, the other is numerical response.
> These questions were authored by students here at NDSU.  So, my questions
> are:
>     1) Could this be behavior due to bad authoring?
>     2) If not, how can I correct this.
> As I said, if we look at the student's response, it clearly shows that
> they've been given 1/1 for the essay question and for the numerical response
> there is a check mark indicating that LON-CAPA graded it as being correct.
>     Nathan Schoenack
>     NDSU Physics
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