[LON-CAPA-admin] Plots on Debian

Todd Ruskell truskell at mines.edu
Fri Jun 27 13:54:57 EDT 2003


You know the true path.  That was it.  Made a symlink in /usr/bin to point
to /usr/local/bin, and voila. . . just like magic it works.

Thanks for your help and efforts.  Hopefully now I can stop bugging you
and let both of us get some work done.

If you still want the gif generated by plot.gif let me know.  Otherwise
I'll assume you've moved on to more pressing things.

Here's hoping your mail wonkiness gets fixed.


On Fri, 27 Jun 2003, Guy Albertelli II wrote:

> Hi Todd,
> Mail is still a bit wonky here, (We did a massive reorg of our racks
> yesterday and are still checking things out.)
> Anyway:
> > I've really been poking in the guts of this thing now, and probably know
> > more than I ever wanted to about how dynamic plots work.  This is what
> > I've found out:
> >
> > as root, if I:
> >
> > gnuplot /home/httpd/perl/tmp/file_plot.data > test.gif
> >
> > I get a gif that both xv and mozilla can view without a problem.
> >
> > If I artificially set the QUERY_STRING environment variable to
> > file=file_plot.data&output=gif
> >
> > so I can run the plot.gif script and pipe the output to test.gif,
> Can you take a look at the test.gif generated this way with a text
> editor? And send me a copy. (Send it to guy at albertelli.com, msu's
> email has also gone wonky.)
> > Perhaps something with my version of apache?
> Apache is likely fine.
> Something I fear is the gnuplot build installs by default in
> /usr/local/bin
> Maybe the webserver doesn't have this in it's path? (Maybe make a link
> in /usr/bin to the /usr/local/bin gnuplot)
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