[LON-CAPA-admin] printing lessons to pdf

Jim Maxka jim.maxka at nau.edu
Fri Aug 1 00:18:16 EDT 2003

For there to be 2-way communication, does it just take both sites to
have each other listed in the hosts.tab file?

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Hi Craig,

>  We also do not seem to be able to import any content/lessons from
> lon-capa servers. They show in the list, but when trying to import it
> nothing.

You're machine isn't currently officially in the Production cluster,
in order to get added you need to send me your hosts.tab entry, I'll
added to the official one, and with the next release your machine
should start connecting to the other machines. (I usually update
s10.lite.msu.edu more often than on a per release basis though so you
should have a connection to s10 soon.)

We do this to make it so that students can't setup their own server
and start grabbing materials.

Hopefully fro 1.1 we'll have the ability to push out updates to the
system as a whole to get things to update more quickly.

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