[LON-CAPA-admin] where can I get the demo course of msu?

Minoru Akiyama akiyama at i-learning.ne.jp
Wed Nov 20 17:22:35 EST 2002

Hi Guy,

my server has not global IP adress.
I'll require Global IP to my network admin.
Then I'll ask you to add my server to the development cluster.
Thank you for your advice.


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> Hi Minoru,
> > my server is a stand alone server.
> > I'll ask Guy to do so when my server will be ready to be a part of the
> > LON-CAPA network.
> I could easily join you to the development cluster.
> Just send my you hosts.tab line
> > Is there any archived demo course resource somewhere?
> There is a course in 
> tarfile: loncapa/demo/selfteaching
> That you can publish and use as a starter course.
> But adding you to the development cluster soon woul I think make
> things easier overall.
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