[LON-CAPA-admin] where can I get the demo course of msu?

Minoru Akiyama akiyama at i-learning.ne.jp
Tue Nov 19 17:21:16 EST 2002

Hi Felicia,

my server is a stand alone server.
I'll ask Guy to do so when my server will be ready to be a part of the
LON-CAPA network.
Is there any archived demo course resource somewhere?


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> Hi Minoru,
>  > I would like to get the demo course of msu which is described in
>  > Where can I get it?
> /res/msu/demo/demo.sequence
> Is your server networked with the rest of the servers?  If not, you
> won't be able to get to the msu stuff.  Send an email to Guy Albertelli
> at albertel at msu.edu if you need your server to be part of the LON-CAPA
> network.
> Felicia
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